Smart Integrated Building

A Ferlem house is a modular construction of smart and advanced PIPs, which together shape the Ferlem SIB-house: Smart Integrated Building.



The basis of the Ferlem building system composes of PIPs: Prefabricated Integrated Panels. The industrial produced magnesiumoxide wall and floor/ceiling panels will be provided with environmental friendly isolation, the necessary infrastructure, and possible windows and/or doors.


Due to optimal isolation in the outer wall, inner wall, and floor/ceiling panels, together with the recuperator per room, a constant temperature and air quality is guaranteed. Throughout the year. All seasons. This creates a healthy living environment.


Ferlem houses are available in three different types, based on energy supply: Grid, Hybrid, and ECO. Grid is completely dependent on the infrastructure of the public utilities. Hybrid is partly self-supporting and partly dependent on public utilities. Going all in, the ECO model is complety self-supporting in terms of energy generation and energy storage.


Whether you browse, stream, or app, if you choose for a Ferlem house, you also choose for a state-of-the-art home automation infrastructure with wireless communications as standard. The Ferlem home automation is also suitable for extramural e-health applications such as monitoring, report- and alarm systems. And certified!


As standard the outer walls and ceilings will be finished with liquid-cork, an environmentally friendly, maintenance-free coating. Next to that, the roof will be finished with an environmentally friendly Line-X coating as standard. But of course, you are free to choose the finish that satisfies your wishes.


Ferlem focuses at four different kind of lifestyles: Starters, Lifetime, Recreational, and Regular housing. We show that building can be faster, greener, and cheaper. And must be!

*This sketch is merely an example. We make reservations for changes in execution, dimensioning, finish and/or colour scheme in the house or surroundings. No rights can be derived from the content of this visual.

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