About us

We are Ferlem. The housebuilders showing that building

must be done differently. And can be done differently!



Building good houses is no longer good enough. We challenge the prevailing building culture to build innovative houses that comply to the standards and demands of the future, today.

The Ferlem Principles

The company name has not been chosen without a reason. Each and every letter of Ferlem acknowledges the fundament of what we stand for:


Became your house too big? Then you make it smaller! Do you want a new layout for your house? Then you do it! Do you want to change your living address? Then you just take your home with you. You want additional power sockets? Done in half an hour! And all that without the interference of a subcontractor.


Ferlem houses are durable and not a burden for the environment and nature. Without nitrogen pollution, both during production as well as assembly on location. The houses comply with the rules and regulations of BENG 1, 2, and 3. Also, the way in which Ferlem houses cope with energy is also durable. And all of this is particularly felt by the residents!


Reusable and circular. These concepts apply for all products and materials that Ferlem uses and implements. Everything can be reused in a different configuration or in another field of application. And in the worst case, the products and materials can be fully recycled.


All Ferlem houses are up to 30% cheaper than a traditional build equivalent, but offer despite that, a high living standard due to high comfort created by state-of-the-art technologies. These technologies range from domotica, climate control, and power generation, -storage, and -usage.


Ferlem manufactures efficiently, Ferlem houses are built efficiently, and are efficient in its own use. Ferlem houses deal efficiently with energy. If you choose for Ferlem, you choose for efficiency. Resulting in low manufacturing costs, low energy costs, and low maintenance costs.


Ferlem develops and manufactures its building modules in-house. These are not complete walls, rooms, façades, or roofs. Because, this form of modularity makes houses a mediocre uniformity. And nobody wants that! In contrast, Ferlem manufactures panels that are available in different measures and configurations. And then you are really modular! This way, you can constringe or expand whenever you want and you are not bound to traditional prefab house models.

Freedom for better housing

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